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Stephanie H.

My secret....

I do laundry one day a week! Every kid has their own hamper/basket in their room. They know to bring it down Sunday night. I sort it at night and get started on a load or two, max. No folding. When the kids were younger I had a lot of loads! Blacks, jeans, reds, lights, whites, garments and one or two towels. With fewer kids at home I've consolidated loads. I can still run errands and be in and out all day and usally get it all done. When a load is dry I take it to my room and fold and lay out the shirts on MY BED! This is key! When I'm finally done (sometimes the towels go into the next day) each kid comes and gets their pile and takes it to their own room to (hopefully) put away. I can't go to bed until it's put away. Then we're good 'til next time. I occasionally have midweek loads...sheets, football stuff, etc but no big loads that need folding. Another tip...I used to get FURIOUS when kids left stinky socks inside out (I used to charge them 10 cents per sock) or left crap (lip balm....still makes me crazy!) in their pockets but I changed my mindset so I'm not grumbling anymore. Now I say to myself (outloud if necessary) at least I have children to clean up after. I remind myself that the alternative would be lonely and painful in other ways. Seriously, it's going to be neverending there's no way around it. That's why I just figured out this system and stuck with it. When I did a load here and there through the week it never got done and MADE ME CRAZY!!


You're awesome . . . :0)

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