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Andrea Sponenburgh

Okay, I guess I am in too. I am a little behind, but working on it! Thanks for doing this, I needed something to get me going again.


Okay Robyn. . .I saw the idea on Sherelle's blog and linked on over. . . I'm in (I guess) With this new and very high-maintance baby I'm glad to have gone to the bathroom by day's end. We'll see about the 31 in 31 but I am going to give it the old "boy scout try." Thanks for the motivation, now could you do somethin about these extra 30 lbs. By the way your blog is very funny and the kids are DARLING. Enjoy!!!
Christa Schneiter-Stufflebeam

Robyn Longhurst

Hi Beth (and anyone else who reads this) -
I totally trust that everyone who wants to participate - is - participating. Remember, I got my idea from BPS scrapbooking. You can upload photos of your layouts to their site. I don't know how to do that, so I'm just doing it on my blog. Also, it's just a great motivator for me and if there's a party at the end-I'm in BABY! - even if it's at my house! To be totally honest with you, I've been shocked at how many people have jumped on board with this - it's kinda cool. It's totally revived my scrapbooking obsession.

Beth Burns

Robyn, I have a question. What about those people who are doing their layouts for your 31/31 challenge that don't have websites to post their layouts on? Can we still be in the challenge even though you can't see our progress??? I sure hope so b/c I am one of theose people and am actually keeping up pretty well :)


oooh I have just found this and am well and truely up for it...based in the Uk hope thats okay I am well behind though having only found your site today and its already day 7...oh well busy scrapping weekends for me!!!

Tammy Dixon

I saw this on Sherelle's blog, what a great idea! I'm going to try and complete it.

Wendy Peatross

What a fun idea. Count me in.


You don't know, I found your blog on My Crazy Life's blog and I am so excited to try this. I want to do your challenge!!

Beth Burns

You don't know me either, yet, but I would love to try this challenge. I don't know if I can pull it off but it sure will be fun trying!! Good luck to all who are in!


Kim Rose

Oh... I will dream of being in and live through each of you. Can't wait to see what you all create! Great challenge Robyn! I need to get my act together and actually Scrap!

Robyn Longhurst

Glad to have ya all with me girls - I hope more join us on our quest.
I just finished 2 layouts this evening - be thinking of something fun we can do for the part-ae on the 1st - mark it on your calendar, it could be fun!


Okay you don't really know me but I've been to a few crops at the Coop w/ you in the past and I kind of stumbled across your blog one day. You always have some great stories. Well I've decided to stop being a lurker and join your challenge of 31 layouts in 31 days. It sounds like alot of fun!

Annie Tuckett

You don't know me (this sounds creepy already) but somehow I got to your page from another, from another, ... you know how that goes. I think this is the funnest idea!!! Thanks for the inspiration ... your page is darling!
Annie ~ my blog is

Lori Jolley

okay! I'm in! Since I'm now behind on the big picture challenge, too. But this sounds fun! I can do it this way! Good idea!


I'm IN! This will be a great motivator for me............I'm so excited!!


Way to go Robyn!! Your so inspireing. I would so love to join your challenge, but there's that little voice in the back of my head that keeps saying "yea right Bonnie." But I will try. By the way were did you get the Little Einstine Rocket People? My girls would go crazy for that, e-mail me if you want to share.
Thanks Robyn, your inspirational.


I am in!!!! Count me in!!! (of course...I have to admit that all of my layouts will be digital...I hope this counts)

Kayla E

What are you? Superblogger?! :) I love reading your posts. They are always your fun style. Good job on all your organizing. Maybe you will inspire me to get off my butt!

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